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Monthly Archives: June 2015

How to solve one of the biggest IT problems

How to solve one of the biggest problems IT departments face Since the days of old one of the biggest problems for IT is getting money to fix things. I know you have a big list of things you'd like to get done. But before you can do any of them, first you have to…
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How to hire IT people during this shortage

How to hire IT people during this shortage If you are currently looking to hire at your business, you may have noticed that you have to interview a LOT of people before finding someone with the skill set and experience you are looking for. This effect is multiplied if you’re looking for a worker in…
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What does an IT person REALLY cost?

I can fix things myself Often times, I encounter high-level executives or managers of a small company that are performing IT tasks themselves. They reason that because they can fix the problems themselves, they don't need to hire an IT person to do it for them. The danger here is then you aren't doing your…
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Don’t get hit by a bus!

What will you do if your current IT person leaves? We call this problem the "hit by a bus" problem. Why? Because if your one IT person, with all of their detailed knowledge of your institution and systems, gets "hit by a bus,” then your company has a big hole! The IT department will be…
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