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Migrating Godaddy Office365 to G Suite

When Office365 is not the same as Office365 If you are migrating users from Godaddy's Office 365 (and not regular Office 365) you may run into a small problem when trying to migrate users. The error will indicate that Impersonation for the mailbox is not allowed. This blog will help you work around this error…
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Outsourced IT as an insurance policy?

Outsourced IT as an insurance policy? There are lots of situations where having an outsourced IT vendor available in case of emergency is necessary. A key thing to think about is having it as an insurance policy, or supplementing your existing IT staff! There is also the consideration of sharing the risk/burden of your data,…
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Are you wasting your computing power?

Are you wasting your computing power? Not all businesses are able to move their data to the cloud. You may have contracts that prevent you, export restrictions on your data, or you may even have an investment into your own datacenter or hardware that you haven't depreciated or still wish to take advantage of. But…
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Be careful upgrading Fortigate firmware

When you are upgrading FortiGate firewalls, no doubt you have been using the little "Update" button on the dashboard and the built-in GUI. What you may not realize is that you cannot just upgrade to the latest version without checking if it is compatible! (more…)
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