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Nagios: If you’re not monitoring your network, who is?

All too often I ask someone what problems they are having on their network and they don't really know.  Which is scary, because if you don't monitor your servers or devices, nobody else will!  If you don't know when servers are running out of disk space, overloaded with CPU usage, or when services like HTTP…
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Puppet: Automate and manage your systems

If you're still logging in to your systems with separate passwords, or manually pushing updates/installing packages, or just aren't sure if your dev/qa/stage envirorments match your production environment, puppet is for you. Puppet is a tool used to help you manage your systems.  It can push files, install software, and do many other things.  It…
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Show Your Desktops Some Love: A Guide to Keeping Desktops Happy (Part I)

It doesn't really matter how high-tech or cutting-edge your systems are if no-one can get any work done. Desktops, like almost every other machine, need regular maintenance. Even ones that sit idle all day will slowly develop issues as the operating system runs. From fragmented data to orphaned files, there's a lot that can bog…
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Cloud Computing: Get your data centralized!

With all the industry excitement about cloud computing, it's no surprise that "The Cloud" has become the buzzword of the year. Yet, along with this comes a lot of misconceptions about what exactly "The Cloud" is. In reality, a cloud is a really bad analogy for this idea. It gives the impression that data stored…
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