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ORPIS: Outage Recovery Plan for Information Systems

When disaster strikes, the first thing you need is a plan. Ideally you should have the plan BEFORE the disaster hits. What should go into the plan, and what critical information does your staff need to know about? To start, lets cover some of the basics: (more…)
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Sizing a generator to power your UPS backup power

Sometimes, it doesn't make sense to migrate to someone else's datacenter/cloud platform/solution, and instead it makes more sense to "roll your own" solution. If you are going to be using your own datacenter instead of outsourcing it to someone else, you need to make sure your power system is rock solid. You need to make…
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Recovering from a HDD crash with mdadm (Linux RAID)

I recently lost power to a NAS system (UPS failure), and it just happened to go down right when it was writing to one its drives. So when I powered the system back up, it had marked one of the drives as failed and my notification system sent me an alert. What do you do…
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