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What’s your excuse for not updating?

Again and again I come across systems that are extremely behind on updates. Updating your computers is the easiest thing you can do to protect them and close holes that hackers/crackers can use to get in. There are many bad things people can use your comptuer for and you are a target even if you…
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Be careful upgrading Fortigate firmware

When you are upgrading FortiGate firewalls, no doubt you have been using the little "Update" button on the dashboard and the built-in GUI. What you may not realize is that you cannot just upgrade to the latest version without checking if it is compatible! (more…)
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How secure do you REALLY have to be?

Today there are many, many ways for an attacker to get into your network. It seems that every day I read about a new attack vector, exploit, targeted phishing attack or some other new method for someone to break into your network or otherwise steal your data. Everyone wants to be secure, but how secure…
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