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Migrating Godaddy Office365 to G Suite

When Office365 is not the same as Office365

If you are migrating users from Godaddy's Office 365 (and not regular Office 365) you may run into a small problem when trying to migrate users. The error will indicate that Impersonation for the mailbox is not allowed. This blog will help you work around this error and cover some additional tips to help make your migration go smoother.

You'll need to have administrative rights on both your Godaddy Office 365 and G Suite accounts. This guide won't cover all of the details of a migration, just some problems I ran into during my last migration.

Why does this happen?

Receiving the impersonation error occurs because of a slight configuration difference due to how GoDaddy sets up Office 365 accounts. The trouble comes about because GoDaddy is sort of managing your Office365 organization for you, so they handle some tasks on their website and some tasks on the Office 365 portal. So GoDaddy Office 365 accounts are slightly limited compared to regular Office 365 accounts.

Note that some other non-Godaddy Office365 situations can also occur where impersonation is needed so this doesn't just apply to Godaddy's Office 365.

Enabling impersonation

For your email to migrate, you want G Suite to be able to impersonate as all users in your domain so that you don't need to have every single user's passwords beforehand (or reset them as you go). This makes migration much easier.

If you are familiar with PowerShell and have it setup to talk to your Office 365 instance, you can try following this guide. If you would rather use the GUI keep reading!

To enable impersonation with a GoDaddy Office 365 account is a little trickier than usual, you have to go to a sort of "hidden" admin page in Office 365. It will be yourmaildomain/ecp (Exchange Control Panel), so for example for me it was https://outlook.office.com/ecp/.

There is a nice helpful guide provided by Code Two, however I had to add an additional admin role for ApplicationImpersonation to Security Administrator and Organization Management.

Once logged into ECP, go to Permissions -> Admin Roles -> Discovery Management. Add ApplicationImpersonation for your admin account that is performing the migration. Note that for my last migration I had to add this role to Security Administrator and Organization Management for it to work.

Migrate accounts

Now you can migrate using the G Suite Data Migration tool builtin to your google admin page. You can only migrate one type of object at a time (email/contacts/calendar) and the migration will likely take longer than you expect. Also worth noting is that if you have multiple domain names in Office 365 the primary email domain should match the new domain you are migrating to.

Need help?

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