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Backup now or pay ransom later

IBM just released an astonishing article, over 70% of businesses that are hit with ransomware pay up (contrary to an earlier report that only 3% of companies pay up). Which makes sense, if you don't have backups to restore from it is going to be cheaper to pay the ransom than it is to recreate the data. As of now, more than 6% of all malware attacks are from ransomware, and 1 in 3 companies have been a victim of phishing. An even more astonishing statistic is that every company has already been infected.

With numbers like these, there can be no denying you need to take action to protect yourself and your data. Or perhaps you are one of the many people who think it can't happen to you. Let me just say:

It can happen to you!

If this is true, that all companies have already been infected with malware and 6% are from ransomware, you need to get your backups working right now. You are playing with fire if you think you aren't a target or it won't happen to you!

Offline backups

This report also means that you need to keep offline backups in addition to online, in case the backups also become encrypted. You need to make sure your backup strategy doesn't just blindly overwrite the prior backup with new data (possibly encrypted) and you need to have a solid backup strategy. Give us a call to see how RDA can make sure you are protected!

Don't forget

If you ever are in this situation and decide to pay the ransom, don't forget that you have to rebuild all computers anyway. It is almost guaranteed that the criminal demanding ransom left a backdoor for them to get in later and try again!


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