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Do you need IT or do you need Operations Support?

Many times I speak with people that think they need IT Support but what they really need is more than that, they need Operations Support. There's an important difference. It is easy to confuse the two, after all they both involve delivering IT tasks and services and usually cover a sort of helpdesk functionality. Most smaller companies don't have a need for IT Operations, but if you are offering a managed service to your clients, such as web hosting companies or other startup web companies, SaaS, or have more complex IT needs then you probably need IT Operations Support.

Don't be fooled by the picture of the board game, IT Operations is no game! Here at RDAIT we are experts at IT Operations and can help you navigate these difficult choices.

IT Support

We all know and love IT support. Fixing computers, helpdesk support, and basic systems administration. The people you call when your office infrastructure isn't working. Most people know this function simply as "helpdesk". You email/call in and get a person that helps you with your issue and tracks it to completion. There can be a wide range of problems but this is the bulk of IT tasks.

But what do you do if you are a software company with a web service? What do you do if you need help ensuring your development team isn't releasing code into production? What if you are a sales organization who depends on their website to drive business and make sales? What if you are a financial company that offers a SaaS product? What if you are one of any number of businesses that depend on your infrastructure but it isn't part of your core business? You need more than just IT support, but what do you really need?

IT Operations Support

IT Operations is more of a blend of IT Support and Application Support, combined with Systems Administration, minor development and other gap-filling activities. IT Operations is the group that takes ownership of everything else necessary to run the business. Some companies hire people that perform a mix of this role and call it DevOps, combining Development and Operations. These people are hard to find! Finding a blend of a scripting or software engineer combined with operations is a tricky task.

More than IT

A key difference between IT Support and Operations Support is that typically Operations Support is supporting production environments. These people are tasked with much more responsibility and need to have more skills. Because the technologies involved are more complex, you need someone that knows more about how your product/service works. It is important to choose a vendor that has IT Operations experience because choosing the wrong solution can affect customer-facing services and have a larger impact on your bottom line.

Choose RDAIT

RDAIT has IT Operations Support experts and knows how to handle a wide range of issues. Give us a call today and ask for our fantastic references of some world-class production environments that RDAIT supports! Give us a call today!

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