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Don’t get hit by a bus!

What will you do if your current IT person leaves?

We call this problem the "hit by a bus" problem. Why? Because if your one IT person, with all of their detailed knowledge of your institution and systems, gets "hit by a bus,” then your company has a big hole! The IT department will be totally decimated, and you’ll be facing a huge headache.

What to do about it

The obvious thing to do is to have that IT person teach someone else everything they do and know within your company. However, this can be a lot harder than it sounds, especially with technology where you need to have a base-level of knowledge before you can fix most problems.

Many companies are not large enough to support multiple IT positions, or they have complex systems that aren't easily learned by another person that doesn’t have a computer background. If either of these issues are the case, another option is to have a part-time IT person come in and be the backup.

Part-time Outsourced IT help

With an outsourced IT person, they already have most of the training and knowledge necessary to take over in case of an emergency. If you don't have a person on your staff that could realistically be the backup, then you should definitely outsource. Outsourcing removes the need for a full-time backup, yet insures that if there is a problem, a solution can be reached quickly and easily.

Why use RDA?

If you're trying to solve your "hit by a bus" problem, let us help! RDA offers Service Level Agreements that get you the 24/7/365 coverage you need to stay up and running at all times, no matter the situation. We can make sure you have peace of mind, no matter what IT issues come up.

You can use RDA for the heavy lifting without paying for a full-time expert to be on staff. We will be ready so that in an emergency, we can just take over or help out. You can also use RDA to augment your existing staff so that it isn't just an "insurance policy" for when someone is hit by the proverbial bus. We can be there to help when needed and be sure a tough job gets done, without the expense and redundancy of another full-time staff member.

Need more help?

If you need help augmenting your IT staff or help solving a "hit by a bus" problem, give us a call or use the contact form on the right!

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