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How to hire IT people during this shortage

How to hire IT people during this shortage

If you are currently looking to hire at your business, you may have noticed that you have to interview a LOT of people before finding someone with the skill set and experience you are looking for. This effect is multiplied if you’re looking for a worker in the IT department as there is currently a significant shortage of medium to high skilled workers in the field. That means it can be harder and more expensive to find the right person for your IT needs. In this post, I give some suggestions on how to find and hire that IT person that you need, even with the shortage, so that hiring is a quick, easy process for everyone.

Plan ahead: Train someone

If you already have senior IT people in your company, it might be a good option to train a junior IT person to become a mid-level worker, and then hire someone to come in at the entry-level. This can reduce cost of acquisition and ensure the prospect is someone worthy of your time, but it won’t work if you don't have any senior level IT people, or the people you have don't have enough free time to train a junior staff member. It also isn't a great option if you need someone immediately. But if you’ve got a bit of time to plan ahead, look within your company first.

Are you being realistic for salary?

A common problem I find is that the skill set you want costs more than you are willing to pay. Often times, a company gets lucky, and the previous person was either underpaid or just didn't realize their market value. When that person leaves and you try offering 20% below market price for someone new, it can be difficult to find a quality worker. If you've already made offers and haven't had anyone accept, chances are you need to offer more. Consider increasing the amount you're willing to pay to match the going market rate. Be sure to use current salary data when you make an offer.

Interview better

Another problem, particularly in the IT industry, is that good candidates often times don't interview very well. Lots of companies focus on "the fit" of the person and not how well the person can do the job. In a shortage, you don't always have the luxury of finding that perfect person (we call it "a unicorn"). The personality is important, but HOW important is it to you? Can you adjust your expectations for someone that is extremely competent and capable but maybe not 100% personable? Be sure they can do the technical aspect of the job first, and then you can train the person to fit into the culture or your company.

If you can't hire, outsource!

Sometimes no matter what you do, there just isn't someone that you can hire. In this case, you should look to outsourcing to fill the role, even if it’s only for a short time or for a specific project. It might not cost as much as you think, and in fact, the cost of not having someone on hand can be higher! Of course if you are considering outside help, please give us a call or use the contact form on the right. I am sure we can help you through the shortage.

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