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IT Blueprint for Schools

RDA is pleased to announce we now offer a fantastic IT Blueprint for Schools. With a focus on cloud technology, you can have higher uptime, lower cost, better security and thanks to cloud technology, you can work from anywhere! Read on for more information about our IT blueprint for schools.

Key benefits

  • Professional day to day support freeing tech teachers to teach!
  • Secure learning environment for students. Customized User Experience for students, restrictive desktop and internet browsing
  • Less hardware (typically only 1 local server required). Less hardware means less cost and higher uptimes.
  • Lower cost, several items are FREE for Education
  • Universal Experience across all devices and locations
  • Easily implement new technology and grow

We can install, configure, and support this plan to meet your needs. We can even integrate it into your existing network or start fresh.

Lower Cost

Thanks to our innovative plan, there is a lower monthly cost and a lower initial hardware cost. No physical onsite server is needed, everything is cloud-based (physical on-premise server still an option). Less servers means less cost, and instead of having to support and maintain several servers the cloud provider makes sure they are up. Best of all, local backups become unnecessary, as your data is sync'd to the cloud!

Get your teachers to teach

Often times there is at least 1 teacher "pitching in" for the IT role, which takes away precious time from teaching. There may be a parent volunteer "helping out" whenever they can, but there isn't usually anybody dedicated to supporting your school. You need an IT vendor to take over this role.

Cloud based

By using cloud services we reduce cost, increase security, improve uptime and provide disaster-recovery. Onsite hardware requirements are minimal, providing internet access becomes the primary focus. The need to separate internet traffic lessens, and can be reduced to core functions. Your local installation becomes simpler, easier to manage and support.

FREE licensing for Education

Microsoft provides Office 365 E1 free to schools and qualifying institutions. This includes Word, Excel, Outlook, OneDrive and even Sharepoint Online. There is even a special OneNote Class Notebook for teachers. We also have AntiVirus provided free to schools. Even the Cloud platform services are free for selected service tiers. By selecting these tiers and options it dramatically lowers cost.

Better Security

As part of our IT blueprint, we use Content Filtering and other layer 7 traffic inspection on your local firewall. This drastically reduces incoming threats to your network. We provide endpoint protection with the latest AntiVirus as well. We even protect laptops that leave your school by encrypting them.

Because the other services are cloud-based, the updates for them are performed by the cloud provider as soon as possible, and for Windows 10 workstations updates are rolling out all the time. Server updates are performed on a near-realtime basis also.

Work from anywhere

With everything in the cloud, you can work virtually from anywhere. If there is a snow day or you just need to work from home, you can from the comfort of your couch. Teachers and faculty can access everything they could from their workstation.

Wireless that works

If you're plagued by bad reception or dropped connections we have that covered also. Our plan includes Enterprise grade wireless solutions. We have options to fit most budgets.

One IT Vendor

RDA can be your front-line support for all IT issues. Don't leave teachers trying to solve problems when we can handle things for you. We work with existing vendors and existing IT staff if so desired. We support all of the systems we install as well as many 3rd party solutions.

We can customize your migration and installation to help ensure a smooth transition. We even offer training classes if you need them.

See it for yourself

Give us a call to see the IT blueprint in action at one of our clients and talk to them about the experience!

Note: terms and conditions apply for some of the free software and licenses.

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