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Outsourced IT as an insurance policy?

Outsourced IT as an insurance policy?

There are lots of situations where having an outsourced IT vendor available in case of emergency is necessary. A key thing to think about is having it as an insurance policy, or supplementing your existing IT staff! There is also the consideration of sharing the risk/burden of your data, a professional will know how to better protect things and you get a team of experts for the fraction of the cost of in-house IT staff. This is especially true for IT specialties, such as IT Operations. You don't have to outsource the entire department to reap these benefits, you can just bring in additional help as necessary.

24/7/365 without Full-Time Staff

A key benefit of using RDAIT is having full coverage without having to hire additional people. We can be used just for our Service Level Agreements, to provide coverage on those hard-to-cover off-hours that your normal IT staff may not be available.

For example you could only have a SLA and only pay for hourly support as-needed to cover your 1 F/T IT Person. You could just use outsourced IT to provide guidance, to mentor or even train existing IT staff. This is especially true for future planning, proper planning reduces the day to day need for IT. Often times an IT vendor is going to have connections to the best vendors, to help reduce the cost of purchasing hardware. Even if they just can tell you what NOT to buy is valuable!

Freeing up time

We can work with your existing staff to supplement areas where you might not have enough skills, we can be used to perform tasks that you don't have enough time for, and we could even be used for proactive tasks to improve existing systems. If you get hit with a major outage or project or other event RDAIT can be ready to jump in and help you at these critical times. It is important to engage us as soon as possible if there is a breach or other event.

Having a parachute is essential

As you can see, having additional help is akin to having a parachute, it is like insurance. It doesn't have to cost much to have someone available in case of emergencies, to have coverage when your normal IT person/people are away on vacation or at seminars, or to just give peace of mind that you won't have the hit by a bus problem.

Give us a call to see how we can help you with your IT problems, insurance policy or not!

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