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What does an IT person REALLY cost?

I can fix things myself

Often times, I encounter high-level executives or managers of a small company that are performing IT tasks themselves. They reason that because they can fix the problems themselves, they don't need to hire an IT person to do it for them. The danger here is then you aren't doing your job as manager or executive, you are fixing technology problems!

Usually it starts off as just a small fix here and there-- and before they know it, they have become the IT person in addition to their normal job!

What is your time worth?

Are you a C-level executive or other management person? Then it doesn't make sense to fix technology problems yourself. Your time is too valuable! Every hour you spend fixing a computer problem is an hour you’re not doing something more important, something that only you as a top-level asset to the company can do!

Also, keep in mind that you don't need to be an executive for your time to be considered valuable! If you’re neglecting your job duties to take care of IT problems that you are not supposed to be responsible for, that is a huge disconnect and can really hurt your business in the long run.

Do you keep up to date on technology?

If you aren't keeping up to date with technology, chances are you aren't making the best choices! And these bad decisions can be costing you money and security. Let a qualified professional help you with your IT decisions. We are constantly learning new things to give you the best information so that you can make the right decision for your company.

Can you handle an emergency?

What will you do in an emergency? Having your company’s systems down for even a short time can create major ripple effects, and you really can’t afford it. If you aren't willing to be on-call 24/7 or you aren’t confident that you can get any technical issue solved quickly and easily, you should definitely seek outside help.

"But I don't have enough work for an IT person"

Perhaps you don't think you have enough work to offer to a full-time or part-time IT person, but remember that proper planning reduces day-to-day need! Also, to be blunt, yes you do. You probably aren't seeing all the things that could be done if you had the appropriate IT position in place! I've never been to a company and not found things that should be done.

When should I fix things myself?

Only if you have free time every day should you even think about spending your time fixing IT problems. Otherwise your time is worth far more, no matter what the job!

What does it cost to NOT hire an IT person?

What does it cost your business if your entire network, every computer for every employee, were to be down for an hour? How much lost productivity would there be? What if this outage lasted the entire day? How about a week? What is the lost opportunity cost and wasted time for all of your employees in this situation?

This one can be hard to quantify, so let's use an example. Say you have 10 employees making an average of $50/hr each. One hour just in employee payroll is $500. One day is $4000. If your systems were down, you would be spending $4000 per day just to have 10 employees sitting around staring at blank screens. And this doesn't even include any other expenses such as lost business during an outage! With an outage being such an expensive issue, you really need to have a professional that can fix the problem quickly! Otherwise you’re simply throwing money down the drain.

Need more help?

If you want to stop supporting your systems yourself and hire a professional, give us a call or use the contact form on the right to see how RDA can help you!

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