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Mobile Device Security

Smartphones and tablets rock. They're easy, convenient, and functional. However, as mobile devices become increasingly prevalent in the work environment, they become a larger and larger target for data theft, either through malware or physical theft.

To protect your devices, you must address all facets of the situation.


In order to prevent malware infection, each device should be configured to only accept new software from trusted sources, and even then, only be granted as many permissions as absolutely necessary. Most mobile platforms also support central management consoles that can be used to set group policies for all company devices, as well as push updates out, so all of your devices are all up to date, all the time.


Encryption password-protects all of the data on the device, so that the only people that can access it are the ones that should be able to. In the event that one of your employees loses their device, nobody who finds it will be able to see the confidential data inside. Unlike an unencrypted device, in the event of the loss of one with customer data on it, a statement announcing the data breach does not need to be released, protecting the reputation of your country.

Without these protections, each mobile device in your company's network is a possible attack vector. RDA can implement a full mobile device security solution that covers every aspect, keeping your data just as secure as it would be anywhere else in the system.

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