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Portfolio Category: Disaster Planning

Cloud Hosting

It seems that everyone today is talking about "The Cloud", but there are many who still don't understand what it actually means for them or their company. Describing "The Cloud" is, in reality, describing the transition of the web from static pages  to a dynamic system capable of delivering complete applications. It emphasizes servers that…
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Data Backup / Restore

Computers are far from perfect, and as a result, they will eventually fail. When they do, all the data that was kept on that system will be gone. And if there weren't any backups, it may be gone for good. Data Backup is something that is so crucial, yet many companies still neglect to have…
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High Availability

As a business, every minute your systems are down, you're losing money. But what happens when you need to update, or perform maintenance work? High Availability (HA) is a system of redundancy, where the network is designed to failover intelligently. When your primary system goes down, whether it be intentional or not, your network can…
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