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Portfolio Category: Information Security

Secure Email

Spam email is an immense waste of your company's time and resources. But did you know that it also poses a significant security threat? For as many messages as you receive that simply harmless (but irritating) advertisement, there are at least as many that come loaded up with viruses or spyware, or are phishing attempts.…
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Mobile Device Security

Smartphones and tablets rock. They're easy, convenient, and functional. However, as mobile devices become increasingly prevalent in the work environment, they become a larger and larger target for data theft, either through malware or physical theft. To protect your devices, you must address all facets of the situation. Software In order to prevent malware infection,…
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Intrusion Detection

It's common knowledge that, no matter how advanced your security system is, someone, somewhere will eventually break in. Your ability to react accordingly may be the difference between the theft of your data and its safety. Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) continuously monitor the network for signs of malicious activity and report back to a central…
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Malware Protection/Removal

Malware goes by many names - trojans, spyware, viruses, worms -all you need to know is that none of them are good for you! These pieces of code, which can range from simple to devilishly complex, install themselves on your computer without your knowledge. Years ago, the biggest threat these posed was the destruction of…
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