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Portfolio Category: Systems Administration

Linux and Mac Systems

Our engineers know Linux systems inside and out, from CentOS to Debian. We can set your servers up and keep them running on the latest updates, so that they'll always function at their best. Got questions about the latest Apple products? We can help with that too! Our engineers have wide experience with everything Mac,…
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Flat-Rate IT Support

Unlimited Support for your entire network and staff for one low fixed monthly fee Flat-rate IT support solutions provide options to customers with unlimited phone support, unlimited email support, unlimited remote access and on-site support. As well as options for after-hours, weekend and holiday support services. In most cases, customers will not incur any additional…
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System Maintenance

Computers, like anything, wear out over time. Parts might sometimes fail, or they may just not be up to industry-standard. Without proper maintenance, small problems run the risk of turning into much bigger ones. And as the problem becomes bigger and more complex, the longer your systems will ultimately need to be down for repair.…
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PC / Server Management

Both PC's and Servers require a lot of attention. Whether it's keeping them up to date with the latest software or monitoring their resource usage, there's a lot going on. Processor load and memory usage can show when they're being overwhelmed, disk readings can tell when a drive is about to die, and thermal readings…
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