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RDAIT was an integral part of Members First's success over the past few years. The past year alone we have accomplished many projects that will help keep Members First on the road to success.

Over the last year we have completed the following projects (along with many more smaller projects):

  1. New Firewalls for both Office and Data Center
  2. Virtualized and Consolidated Data Center from many aging physical servers
  3. Started program to routinely evaluate and fix security issues on the network by running security scans
  4. Implemented WSUS in both our office and data center environments
  5. Updated Office and Data Center monitoring systems

RDAIT was a major factor in our success this year. We have stabilized our operating environment to reduce risk and increase system up-times. I look back and am amazed at what we accomplished in such a short time.

Andrew D., https://www.membersfirst.com/

Working with RDAIT for the past 6 years at three different companies has been a solid decision for my teams. We have benefited greatly from the approach that Russ and his team takes and their flexibility and knowledge to help us solve our immediate and long term needs and problems. RDA has provided expert guidance at a high level when needed, fill in roles for part-time or specialty needs and has really helped us manage our day to day budget and Capital projects while keeping a high level of service. I highly recommend including RDA in your next project or open IT requirements or strategy sessions when it comes to IT and related.

Glenn G., http://membersfirst.com

Working with RDA has been a pleasure. The RDA team takes their work seriously and provides excellent results. RDA makes your emergencies a priority! I highly recommend RDA for networking services.

Kimberly W., http://catholictv.com

Russell Draper & Associates managed a complicated physical to virtual system conversion in connection with a domain change and worked tirelessly through the entire process to ensure every user issue was prioritized and addressed in a reasonable time frame.

Mark S., http://trimble.com