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Unicorns don’t exist

Time and time again I am told how a company's existing IT person is a "unicorn". That they can do everything for the organization not only now but for the future. This person is so special and unique, they cannot possibly be replaced and/or they have an impossible skill set to replace. Then this person…
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How can small businesses solve every IT problem?

If you're running a small business, you know you want to take IT problems seriously. If you don't, they can seriously come back to haunt you later. You don't want to be hearing "I told you so" from someone after disaster strikes! But how do you solve the 6 major IT problems that businesses face…
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Have you outgrown your current IT company?

Have you outgrown your current IT company? There are many signs that its time to move on from your current IT provider. Waiting long periods of time for items to be fixed, fixing the same issues again and again, only reacting to problems when they occur and not planning ahead or providing a strategy, etc.…
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Outsourced IT as an insurance policy?

Outsourced IT as an insurance policy? There are lots of situations where having an outsourced IT vendor available in case of emergency is necessary. A key thing to think about is having it as an insurance policy, or supplementing your existing IT staff! There is also the consideration of sharing the risk/burden of your data,…
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