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Have you outgrown your current IT company?

Have you outgrown your current IT company? There are many signs that its time to move on from your current IT provider. Waiting long periods of time for items to be fixed, fixing the same issues again and again, only reacting to problems when they occur and not planning ahead or providing a strategy, etc.…
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Outsourced IT as an insurance policy?

Outsourced IT as an insurance policy? There are lots of situations where having an outsourced IT vendor available in case of emergency is necessary. A key thing to think about is having it as an insurance policy, or supplementing your existing IT staff! There is also the consideration of sharing the risk/burden of your data,…
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IT Blueprint for Small Businesses

RDA is pleased to announce we offer a fantastic IT Blueprint for Small Businesses. This plan is similar to our IT Blueprint for Schools, with some modifications. With a focus on cloud technology, you can have higher uptime, lower cost, better security and thanks to cloud technology, you can work from anywhere! This setup is…
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Do you need IT or do you need Operations Support?

Many times I speak with people that think they need IT Support but what they really need is more than that, they need Operations Support. There's an important difference. It is easy to confuse the two, after all they both involve delivering IT tasks and services and usually cover a sort of helpdesk functionality. Most…
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