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How to fix Chrome broken scrolling in WordPress

The other day, I noticed that scrolling stopped working on several of my websites. They were all based on WordPress and it turns out they all used the Cherry Parallax plugin. Pages worked fine in Firefox and in Edge, but not in Chrome. It seems the latest Chrome update somehow broke the scrolling on these websites! Some searching turns up many links to people that have had this problem with the latest Chrome breaking their site many times.

How I fixed it

For me, it turns out that fixing this problem was very easy. The problem lies in the old version of the Cherry Parallax plugin, you need to update to at least v1.1.0. It seems that this plugin only comes with purchased templates, so you can't just download it from anywhere. To get this file you have to contact whomever you purchased the theme from, and get the new version from them.

Of course there is another sneaky way that I am sure someone more technically savvy could figure out, but I won't post that here 🙂

How others fixed it

Some people can disable smooth scrolling in their template via an option.

Other people have had success updating their jquery-smooth-scroll.min.js file.

Some people have reported success with the following CSS:
body, html {
overflow-x: hidden;
height: auto;

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