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How to solve one of the biggest IT problems

How to solve one of the biggest problems IT departments face

Since the days of old one of the biggest problems for IT is getting money to fix things. I know you have a big list of things you'd like to get done. But before you can do any of them, first you have to get BUDGET. I know it can be hard to justify IT tasks, as IT is typically a cost center. Read on for some things you can do to justify IT spending.

What would it cost for us to NOT do this (what if)?

This one is the easiest. For example if you had no backups and everything went down, what would the consequences be? I'm guessing quite disastrous! How long would it realistically take to get back online? What if you had no anti-virus and someone infected the network? What if you don't perform that upgrade? How much time is wasted each day with old/slow systems?

Productivity gains by spending this money

The next thing you can use to help justify is try to put an estimate on the amount of time that is wasted each day with slow hardware or doing repetitive tasks. For example if you want to give everyone a 2nd monitor there are numerous studies highlighting the productivity gains.

Do you have a realistic budget now?

Often times I encounter people with minuscule technology budgets. They may account for some new hardware, but no end-of-life items, no emergency reserve, no upgrades for aging systems, and no plan for growth. Your technology and IT budget should reflect what the rest of the company is doing, if there is growth then the IT budget should grow to support those business functions.

Get help!

If you're having trouble convincing your boss/manager/owner that they need to increase your IT budget (or set one), get some outside help! We'd be happy to come in and help you negotiate with your boss. Give us a call or use the contact form on the right!

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