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Have you outgrown your current IT company?

Have you outgrown your current IT company?

There are many signs that its time to move on from your current IT provider. Waiting long periods of time for items to be fixed, fixing the same issues again and again, only reacting to problems when they occur and not planning ahead or providing a strategy, etc. If your frustration is high (and especially if you are about to overhaul aging systems), you should act now to change!

Do you have an IT strategy

The most important first question is, do you have a strategy of how your IT systems should work? Do you have a plan for how things should be? Do you know how you are going to get there or how long it will take?

Unresolved problems

This is a big issue, if you have multiple unresolved problems that have been lingering for a long time (and not for lack of budget) then you should definitely consider this a big red flag.

Is your business growing?

If you are growing, are you sure your current IT strategy and personnel are going to be able to handle the load? Is your current methodology even the best plan for the future? If things take a long time to be fixed now, how will you grow if it takes even longer with more load?

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