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How can small businesses solve every IT problem?

If you're running a small business, you know you want to take IT problems seriously. If you don't, they can seriously come back to haunt you later. You don't want to be hearing "I told you so" from someone after disaster strikes! But how do you solve the 6 major IT problems that businesses face when you don't have the need to hire a full time IT person? In this article I am going to tell you what the top IT problems are and what you can do about them. Inspirational quotes printed on pretty backgrounds don't help you here!

So what are the top 6 problems?

The top 6 problems are:

  1. Backups - Everything has to be backed up to another location in case of a failure
  2. Encryption - Everything needs to be encrypted in case something gets stolen or lost
  3. Networking - Wireless and other devices need fast and reliable networking
  4. Security - Both perimeter firewall security and endpoints need to be protected
  5. Reliable Hardware - Machines that break are expensive
  6. Budgeting - You don't want to be hit with a sudden large bill for something that was missed

Problem 1: Backups

Not only should your servers and other storage be backed up, all devices that have company data such as laptops need to be backed up. You should have more than just a local copy, ideally you want your backups to go to a cloud provider so that if you have a fire or similar problem you can still recover.

Problem 2: Encryption

Any device that has company data on it should be encrypted. Encryption comes built-in to all new operating systems these days, there is no excuse to lose a laptop and have to worry about company secrets getting out!

Problem 3: Networking

You want your networking to make sense in your office. These days you can have complete wireless coverage without spending loads of money on enterprise grade hardware. Your wireless should only allow known devices onto your network and it should work throughout the building(s) seamlessly. You should have fast and ideally redundant internet connections so workers won't ever have to go home early.

Problem 4: Security

Not only do you need a firewall that can block bad actors from trying to penetrate from the outside, your firewall should be able to block compromised PC's from inside from reporting back to their control node. Of course you ideally never want to allow a compromised computer onto your network, but if it somehow gets on there you want it to be blocked. Every device should have AntiVirus and AntiMalware on it, managed by a cloud console and locked down if there is an issue.

Problem 5: Reliable Hardware

You want to standardize on a hardware vendor for as many things as possible if you can. This will save you headaches in the long run! It should be business-class and not consumer hardware. Unless you need the latest fancy thing you should choose the standard versions whenever possible. This will be easier for you 99% of the time!

Problem 6: Budgeting

This last item is actually very important. You should budget each month to spend on your IT needs. The amount you spend depends on the size of your organization as well as how dependent you are on technology. Every quarter you should plan a review to look at your Information Technology and see if you should be upgrading or changing things as your business grows or evolves.

How to solve them all?

You need to partner with an IT vendor! A company is going to be a better fit than just 1 person, as they will have a breadth of resources available to them beyond just a single hire. For most small businesses it is far cheaper to outsource their IT than to hire a full-time person. Here at RDAIT we can help you solve all 6 of the above problems as well as keep you prepared for the future, give us a call today!

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