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Unicorns don’t exist

Time and time again I am told how a company's existing IT person is a "unicorn". That they can do everything for the organization not only now but for the future. This person is so special and unique, they cannot possibly be replaced and/or they have an impossible skill set to replace. Then this person leaves and the company wants another unicorn. The problem is that unicorns don't exist. Not only do they not exist you don't want one even if you find one!

The IT person isn't unique

IT skill sets are not unique. Most IT problems have been encountered before, a good IT person knows how to troubleshoot and find a solution. That person may have known how to fix that old legacy piece of hardware, but I guarantee you that a good IT company will be able to figure it out too.

Finding another unicorn vs hiring a company

A single IT person won't have all the capabilities of an IT organization. There is such a wide breadth of technologies and skills that it is impossible for a single person to know everything. One person just can't keep up with emerging threats and all the components of making an organization run at the same time. That person will come to a point where they don't know how to fix a problem and you will need to find a company who can.

What about the lottery problem

A single IT person is susceptible to the don’t get hit by a bus problem. They can't have a plan for when they are not around! If they win the lottery or "get hit by a bus" you need a company with multiple resources to be available. It is poor practice to not have a backup! This person might find a better opportunity, they might leave you in a time of need and they can be hard to replace last-minute!

Hire a company, hire RDAIT

A company is more stable than a person. A company doesn't have sick days, they will send a replacement if someone is sick. A company doesn't go on vacation, we can cover vacation times in fact! A company can scale with your business, adding or removing workers as necessary. A company can handle large projects in a shorter amount of time. With a company costs can be predictable and even fixed. If you are considering hiring a new IT person give us a call and let us show you how outsourcing your information technology to RDAIT is a better choice.

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