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Cloud Hosting

It seems that everyone today is talking about "The Cloud", but there are many who still don't understand what it actually means for them or their company.

Describing "The Cloud" is, in reality, describing the transition of the web from static pages  to a dynamic system capable of delivering complete applications. It emphasizes servers that run dedicated services, with clients only needing a web browser to access it. For example, in a traditional setup, an employee's laptop may be loaded with all the software they need to do their job. Everything is run locally. However, with the cloud model, everything they need is hosted on company servers.

This can be achieved in many ways:

Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas)

The server emulates a complete operating system, and the employee connects to it remotely.

Platform as a Service (Paas)

Often, it isn't necessary for the employee to access the entire operating system. In Paas, they connect to a server that creates an environment for them to work  in. An example of this would be connecting to a server to run a complex calculation or compile large pieces of code. The server, being a much more powerful system, is able to deal with the task much more quickly than if the employee had tried to do it locally.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

This model, often referred to as "on-demand software", requires the server to host at least one particular application that can be run by the employee through their web browser. For example, there are many companies that offer office software "in the cloud".

Network as a Service (Naas)

Finally, Naas models supply connectivity services. Typically, these servers host VPN software, allowing for clients that connect to access other resources connected to the VPN server.

All of these services can greatly improve the efficiency with which your company operates and can reduce the load on your both your customer's and your employees computers. RDA can help you create a system that fits your needs and configure it to work at peak peak efficiency.

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