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High Availability

As a business, every minute your systems are down, you're losing money. But what happens when you need to update, or perform maintenance work? High Availability (HA) is a system of redundancy, where the network is designed to failover intelligently. When your primary system goes down, whether it be intentional or not, your network can continue to function normally while the problem is repaired. While this can all be done manually, it is far superior to engineer the network to correct itself in the event of disaster. However, to do this requires complex network rules and configuration, and isn't an easy task.

RDA specializes in creating low-cost, highly reliable systems that implement the High Availability model in the most efficient way. We can help you design a system that works for your business!

When downtime just isn't an option, let our experience and knowledge provide you with peace of mind. From basic COB emergency plans to Power/Server/Cooling design for a whole datacenter, we can help. We can also create custom middleware to ensure your applications transfer seamlessly to the disaster recovery site.

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